The 10 Golden Rules as Coaches and Volunteers for giving children and youth a positive experience of sport:

  1. Be Child - Centred
  2. Be holistic
  3. Be inclusive
  4. Make it FUN and SAFE
  5. Prioritise the love for sport above learning sport
  6. Focus on foundation skills
  7. Engage parents positively
  8. Plan progressive programmes
  9. Use different methods to enhance learning
  10. Use competition in a developmental way

Latest News:

"FUNdamentals" are coming to Horten's Schools in 2021:

In collaboration with our Rugby Development Officer, professional Strength & Conditioning resource, plus our expert Long Term Development planner and Teacher, Rugby-Fun is in the process of introducing fundamental movement and skills to our schools. 

Teachers shall participate in NRF's aktivitetslederkurs I for a 6 week program where children are introduced to fun games, challenges and culminates in partcipation of a Tag-Rugby event.

The schools pilot is aimed at accrediting our teachers and SFOs with game play that encourages the fundamental movements and skills that are used in Rugby and applicable in many other sports.

The lesson plans are designed by our professionals and are aimed at overcoming the national trend of child and teenage drop-out in sport. The activities are fun, easy and structured for all our students.

Rugby-Fun on SolidSports in 2021:

Our project will be posting activities for viewers on our new club channel in Solidsports. Skills and training videos, plus some fun at home and away, will be shared on the channel.

We hope that our first set of activities will be available at the start of Spring 2021.

Ungdomtreff in 2021:

Shared activities for our children and youth will be offered in 2021. Aimed at physical and mental health as we battle the scourge of COVID-19, we offer a combination of E-Sports, social activities and kitchen experiments for our members and their family and friends. 

Youth leaders of the club are invited to manage the range of activities and games so they are easily accessible to everyone and help benefit our young physically, mentally and socially!

Regular Club activities: